The perfect couple

At that point, all four of us were too excited to continue with the psychological games, although on balance we never got out of our roles, precisely because it is not an interpretation but a natural state of living in the moment.

For years I didn’t want to hear any more about domination, Master, Slave and all that revolves around that world of labels, roles to play, staging. Of everything that falls under what we can call the world of BDSM. But our nature always comes out sooner or later, and from past negative experiences I extracted the most meaningful essence by bringing it to today. I took as much as was real in those experiences, what I really felt: submission. The new me, more mature and aware than eight years ago, is clear about the starting point, the path, and the ultimate goal.



I like sex in all its nuances. My interests change so fast that any label would be unsuitable. I don’t like people who exaggerate situations by making the sex scene a movie set. I am for total naturalness, with pros and cons. Sex is only good when it is truly felt, when it is real, not when you make a show for yourself or worse, for others.

Boredom is always around the corner, and what excites me today may slip away tomorrow. That’s why sometimes F and I stop and say “okay, let’s look for more.” And sometimes “other” may be simply returning to the habits of previous months.

I realized very early on that in my sexual relationships, the submission component is the most intriguing aspect of the whole thing. The spark that lights the fire and is unlikely to be extinguished.


Indeed, if being dominated is a constant, it should be pointed out that there are a variety of levels of submission. I have tried several and had come to a balance: psychological and physical domination turns me on as long as I don’t go too far in the Sadomaso declinations. This was perfect until recently. Until one of those strange moments came when we sat and talked, sniffing for something stimulating for me mainly. The novelty this time we dredged it up from the past. Because if it is true that reheated soup is not good, you have never added a knob of butter and Parmesan cheese to it.

The perfect couple

The proposal came right from F and as always hesitantly received by yours truly. “Looking for a couple to dominate you, do some soft BDSM.” I liked the idea because on balance I had never tried to be a couple’s Slave, what I was upset about was going back to talk about those roles, that world, and especially finding a suitable couple. Skeptical, I agreed but once again, as always, he took care of F everything, surprising me. I get annoyed reading profiles, emails…I always leave with very little expectation of who is on the other side. And I do well.

Several people responded to our ad, none were doing well, and inevitably I was moving away from that fantasy that seemed to have very little chance of success and very many chances of failure.

Then they came instead, D and G (no, they are not Dolce&Gabbana). From the email exchange everything seemed perfect or at least spontaneous, no forcing, no pretensions…same line of thinking as us. We exchanged photos and even there, amazingly everything was fine, both handsome and proper.

Here we go. We need to meet them.




A natural beauty, sweetness and elegance shine through from her voice and the way she moves. It only takes a couple of minutes of conversation to realize that he is very intelligent, and I love people with a good head. While she talks I study her, her fair skin a thread of makeup her soft brown hair. Nothing about her is vulgar or excessive, exactly the way I like it.


While she talks, D listens. He intervenes if necessary or if we ask him a direct question. When he tells us how they met, he does not waste time with compliments toward his partner. All of these things I appreciated a lot. I like men who know when to speak or remain silent, and who put their partner first. They are respectful, intelligent and serious people. He is a handsome man in his late 50s and has a particular aesthetic I love: red hair. He will probably find out by reading this piece, but those who know me know how much of a soft spot I have for redheads.

We accompany the talk with a Franciacorta and scones. It is immediately apparent that we are on the same page, and the understanding is immediate. G and I are sitting on the sofa, the men across from us in chairs.

D makes me take off the elegant jacket I am wearing over a lace bodysuit, completely transparent. He asks me in a polite but firm tone, somewhere between an order and a question. I gladly execute with a smile tugged at my lips from nervousness. Although I was comfortable, a little bit nervous I was. Then in the same reassuring but firm tone he asks me to stand up and take a turn about myself.

The slave girl

There I was on all fours beside D, with two filled glasses of bubbly resting balanced on my back. I am good at holding positions, which is not for everyone.

I became aroused when he made me lick the wine that had fallen on the coffee table by holding me forcefully by the hair. Then they ordered me to lick G, I did that very willingly too.

We went up to the bedroom and I really wanted to be penetrated and I asked her, I wanted her fingers inside me. At that moment F was slightly deflected and enjoying the scene.

At that point, all four of us were too excited to continue with the psychological games, although on balance we never got out of our roles, precisely because it is not an interpretation but a natural state of living in the moment.

D pulled down his underwear and ordered me to take his cock in my mouth. I was faced with a huge dick, and I am not saying this out of folklore of history, not even out of naiveté. Some of you have met Fausto and can confirm that he is well endowed, above average for sure. So I am not clueless.

The arrival

The goal is always and only one: to be well. Feeling good understood as a broad concept that starts from enjoying, in the immediate term, these situations and expands to the benefit to the couples involved, in the long term. The effect can last for hours, days, weeks. With each experience it is fortified, and within the home it is palpable.

Permanently switched to sex and it went great. Anyone would call it great sex. Of the dirty, animalistic, rough and therefore terribly exciting kind. F was fucking G while I was busy with D. A perfect foursome!

The evening ended with a pumpkin and radicchio risotto; D is also a good cook. I was probably even more excited by this news than the moment when he lowered his underpants. Then, just as Cinderella went back to her carriage before midnight, we too escaped to return home by curfew.


Tip: It is always worth questioning choices made in the past. Try not to impose too many stakes, or even better, don’t put them on yourself at all. Dare.
A warm embrace from your Libertine Queen


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