The first time

The first time I went to a swingers’ party.

It took little to realize that this is our world and we could never do without it again. It’s like when you try on a suit and as soon as you put it on you realize it was sewn just for you. Everything we experienced before was undoubtedly beautiful but now we have added a nice mix of spices that were missing to make it all memorable.

Before swinging parties

Let’s take a step back. Months before the party we experimented with the first approaches with couple swapping. At first we hosted a couple in our home, then we in turn were hosted by other couples. We also tested a ménage à trois, all good experiences but none had fully satisfied us. Do you know what was missing? Adrenaline.

Then the turning point: we heard about private parties in breathtaking locations. We started to inquire to find out more about it, and between Internet searches and word of mouth we finally found a party that seemed to be just right for us.

We wasted no time, immediately signed up and both of us thought, “Wow this is it!” Since the location was a bit far from where we live, we decided to turn the private party into a real away party. We couldn’t wait to get into our beloved RV, ready to begin this new adventure.

First-time anxiety

In the days leading up to the party, I had a crazy excitement on me! I had butterflies in my stomach like a 15-year-old girl on her first outings. I also didn’t know what to expect because we didn’t know anyone and were really new to this world.

I bought myself a really elegant and sexy dress with breathtaking underwear (and it’s not just me saying that eh eh). On the morning of the party I went to the hairdresser and had a beautiful hairstyle. Last, the most beautiful part: I bought myself for the first time in a Sexy Shop a black lace mask with glitter on it. Word of mouth? Sexy — really, really sexy. As soon as I put it on I felt slutty and provocative. I looked at myself in the mirror and what I saw I loved. I was exactly what I wanted to be.

My boyfriend also had a custom-made suit made strictly in black, as per the dresscode for the evening. He looked beautiful in his total black suit, and I couldn’t wait for the other women to see it and be able to “try it on” themselves.

The departure

We packed our bags and after a haircut at the hairdresser’s we left agitated and eager for something we didn’t really know.

We laughed the whole time during the trip, fantasizing about where we might end up. Ahaha! After all, experimenting is the basis of the pursuit for happiness.

Halfway there, after a two-hour drive, we stopped for lunch obviously organized on the RV, we even had a glass of wine to toast!

We made love in the bed of the camper “our little nest” and left for our destination. The journey continued for another two hours or so, punctuated by our blaring songs and much laughter.

Once we arrived at our destination, we parked not far from the party location, washed, settled and dressed. We were damn good-looking. The more he looked at me the more beautiful I felt. I felt it was his and so did he..

There was a long way to walk, and with our fancy dresses, heels and winking air, we were in the public eye. What’s more, we had two masks in hand-it was impossible to go unnoticed. We stopped at a bar to drink a couple of glasses of prosecco to dampen the tension and pass the time. We certainly didn’t want to be the first to arrive.

From time to time we would see people like us dressed up, and it was inevitable to wonder if they were also going to the same party as us.


The party

With excitement rising we set out (holy navigator!) toward our destination. Once we arrived at the door we were literally grabbed by two bouncers and quickly escorted to an elevator. Waiting for us were two provocative bunnies who escorted us to the upper floors, from there the evening kicked off. Everyone wore a mask, the men in fancy dress while the women were provocative and sexy. Immediately we made several introductions and the staff put us at ease by giving us a tour of the beautiful and atmospheric location, background music accompanied our every step. They took us to the bar area offering us good wine, and that was the first of a long series of toasts.

Meanwhile, all the guests arrived, and the music began to change, starting the dancing.

Many girls began to undress, and masks began to fall off. I was immediately enraptured by a beautiful brunette girl and began kissing and undressing her as the craving soared.

Then, my boyfriend and I moved to one of the many rooms where there were already other people playing with each other. We undressed and were also picked up and thrown onto the bed. From there it was on to sex, sex and more sex, I was fulfilling my every perversion! It was like being in a dream, it was my dream come true.

There was a time when I was kissing and sucking a blond girl’s pussy, I remember it tasted good . While I was giving myself to her, her boyfriend was fucking me hard, doggy-style, and I had an orgasm that I remember like it was yesterday. The ‘excitement was through the roof, it was something I had never experienced before. Everywhere I turned there were people I was having sex with, spanking people who were sucking people who were getting banged really hard….

A DREAM. I realized that was what we were looking for.

My he was overjoyed had a smile on his face like I had never seen before.

After some time, which I could not quantify, we took a break and went to tease some food to regain our strength. Talks, laughter and more introductions turned the break into a very pleasant time of companionship. We felt happy and most importantly more in love than ever.

Having recovered our strength, we kicked off the second round, which was amazing, perhaps even more so than the first. Then we got dressed and since it was so late, 5:00 or maybe 6:00 a.m., the party organizers kindly put us up to sleep. Fortunately I might add! I was devastated, walking back to the RV would have been a titanic task.


The next day

The next morning we woke up wearing a happiness we had never seen before, and after kisses and cuddles we finally decided to get up. Gripped by an insane hunger, we ate several pastries left over from the night before, thanked everyone, and returned to the parking lot where our camper was waiting for us. Once back in our nest we made love and it was magical. We did it with more sensuality and intimacy than ever before. There was no need to talk, the message was implicit: after all, you are mine and I am only yours.

And so, somewhat on the clouds, in a bubble of joy, lost in love, we headed back home.

We spent the next few weeks talking about this evening, confirmation that we could no longer do without this world.


Did you enjoy Eva’s story? How was your first time at a party?

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