I did the double

When I would hear epic tales of girls doing doubles, triples and taking dicks in every hole, I would turn up my nose. First of all, I wondered if they really felt pleasure or if it was just a way to get public attention. Then there is the fact that when a man tells these facts, he always has a tendency to amplify everything, making it not very believable.


Let’s see if I can recount this experience without it turning into a vulgar, pornographic or worse, erotic Harmony-style tale. That’s why I never write. How hard is it to write about sex without sounding like an idiot?


Foreword: As you know, F. and I preclude almost nothing. We hardly say a priori “this no,” it only happens if one of us is in pain at the idea of doing that specific thing. This attitude in my opinion is important so that we do not risk imposing stakes that are not shared by both of us. And to always be open to new experiences.

I was wrong

When I began to frequent swinging circles I realized that indeed there are women who like to take two (or more) cocks together. I also realized, however, that men and women experience this differently. For the man it is a moment of goliardia, the woman, on the other hand, feels really used, therefore slutty, so she enjoys first with her head and then with her body.

I get annoyed after a while dealing with one penis, let alone two! The idea of having two men on me, or rather inside me, never crossed my mind. It was not part of my fantasy here. With women this speech does not apply eh!

Then came that day, unplanned, when my head and body demanded more.

“fill in all the holes for me.”


Where and how

We were at a party at a friend’s house, and among the guests was a couple we finally got to meet after chasing each other for months. Two over-the-top, good-looking guys but the thing that immediately grabbed me was his attitude: humble but firm, of someone who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. The man I think was older than me by a decade. She very beautiful but strangely I was more interested in her husband.

Normally I would start playing with him and then things would take their course. That day, on the other hand, I didn’t want to give up the company of the host (with whom I get along great) but neither did I want to give up this new game. I wanted them both; I was not going to push one away at the expense of the other. So I decided to draw them both to me.

In my head there was some confusion, it’s not like I said to myself, “okay now one in the front and one in the back.” Not exactly. They were good at taking care of me, my holes, and I love to let myself go to a man’s will. In the highest moment of excitement I let them enter me. It was all so natural that it becomes almost trivial to recount.


Answering your questions

Do you want to know if I enjoyed and how much I enjoyed right? Women, on the other hand, I imagine are wondering if he heard wrong.

Yes, I enjoyed it very much, nothing is stronger than what the head makes us feel. Also, as I mentioned earlier, being fucked by two men gives a very strong sense of submission. If, like me, you like that feeling, then you are doing the right thing.

Pain no, because obviously there was a whole thorough preparatory phase first. And if you are thinking that I am an anal expert, I must disappoint you. I can count them on the fingers of one hand the men I have done it with.


What have we learned? Never preclude anything. Never limit yourself for fear of feeling pain or anything else. Never force yourself to do something just because everyone around is doing it or expecting you to do it too. Things come when the time is right.


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