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Our Community represents an exclusive space where libertine couples can connect and interact safely and discreetly.

With a focus on privacy and profile verification, we are dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind.

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How to join the Community

Only after we verify your profile will you have access to the Community

Join the Community

- select your plan
- choose nickname and password
- proceed to registration

Check profile (required)

- Take a couple photo with your nickname written on a piece of paper
- Send it by email
- In 48 hours your account will be verified and activated

Join the Community

- Your account has been verified
- Log in by entering nickname and password chosen at registration
- Enjoy the Community!

Why you need to join the
Libertine Queen community?

We are aware that times are changing, and we are ready to embrace change.
Verifying profiles, combating fake profiles and making the platform easy to use are key elements that users want and are our priority

A confidential and 100% safe atmosphere

  • The Only Community for Couples Only
  • The only one that really checks the profiles
  • Safe and elegant environment

Essential and intuitive platform

  • Ease of use
  • Optimizing your time
  • Targeted actions to connect with people


  • Expand your knowledge in the libertine world
  • Explore new ways to communicate
  • Compare with professionals

What can you do in the community?


Set your own custom filters, find who you really want, create your own tailored libertine universe.


Get in touch with those you like. Let yourself go, no one will judge you.


Access the dark room of the swinging elite without any censorship. You will see all the photos and videos without any limitation.


Create your own dating ads or find the ones that suit you best. Meet someone right away! Get ready for a special evening.


Connect to pleasure from the comfort of home, participate in transgressive video chats full of surprises and erotic games.


Participate in our educational meetings/conferences with professions and experts. We spread, grow and share the libertine lifestyle together.


The common area in which to post messages, updates, or share content with other community members


Contribute to the well-being of the community by validating the profiles you meet live. Share their value.


Choose for yourself which details of your profile to share for a personalized and secure experience.

... and other exclusive benefits for you

Join the Community
by Libertine Queen

Semiannual cost of € 57.00

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